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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information do you need to create my sign? 
    We will want to know what your sign is for, where it will be located, how far away you need it to be visible from, how long youwant it to last, what type of artwork you would like on it, whether or not you have the artwork ready to go, whether or not installation is required and your budget. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers to all of those questions right away, we will work with you to find answers to them.
  • What types of files work for providing artwork?
    Our preferred file types are vector format files produced in Adobe software (.ai, .eps, hi-res pdf). We work on computers with Windows (PC) Operating Systems. If your files are produced on MAC systems, please make sure fonts have been outlined (converted to curves). Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your files.
  • What are your payment terms? 
    A 50% deposit is required once you have approved your estimate in order to facilitate graphic design work and the ordering of materials. The balance is due upon pick-up, delivery or installation. We accept cash, cheques, debit cards, VISA, and Mastercard. Company accounts may be established with an approved credit application with credit terms of 30 days.
  • Why can’t I find a list of prices? 
    There are so many different variables involved in creating a sign it would be nearly implossible to cover every option. This is a very customized process where we work with you to determine the best solution. We will happily provide estimates for you so you can see what the pricing will look like ahead of time to ensure it works for your budget.
  • Are Signs Expensive?
    Signs are usually the least expensive method of advertising your business or product.  There are many surveys and studies that show for the exposure you get, they are very inexpensive.  Your decision on what you need on the sign along with the materials used for your sign will determine the cost.  Remember, when they are done right “Signs do not cost money – they make money”
  • Will I get to see a proof?
    For all new orders – absolutely. You will be approving the proof before we will begin production of your sign. For reorders, clients have the option to forego the proof to expedite the process.
  • How does it work with copyrights and/or permissions?
    You are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions to use any artwork or files that you provide us.

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